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Smart Home / Smart Business Automation

We can fully integrate your home/business into a smart building. We can automate your television, lights, even your air conditioning system. Modern technologies allow an infinite amount of automation and we have been installing smart technologies into homes and business at an early stage. We can integrate your iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones to control parts of your home with a swipe of a finger.

Home Theater Installation

Your living room can look just like the AMC theaters down the street – but without the sticky floors. Our home theater packages allow users to experience HD movie experiences, Dolby digital sound technologies and remote control over each inch of their home theater. Action movies will come through in their true and most intense forms in your home theater.

We can customize your home theater set up to the tee – layout, furniture, speakers, TV, accessories, and anything else you can think of. You can even pause your movies with ease and take a trip to the bathroom – unlike AMC theaters, we are solely looking to satisfy YOUR experience.

Home theaters require a hefty amount of planning. From the type of system you want, to the type of speakers and subwoofer system you are looking to purchase, not to mention accessories and the space we’re working with. When it comes to these questions – we will work with you to answer these questions and pick your home theater system together. Every detail will get covered until you are satisfied.

Surround Sound System

There are an array of selections when it comes to choosing a sound system, but we recommend narrowing the choices down to ‘Prepackaged Surround Sound Speakers’ or ‘Custom Surround Sound Speakers’.

Prepackaged Surround Sound Speakers

— If you’re not a nerd, we suggest choosing this package as we will be utilizing the manufacturer’s expertise. We will choose a surround sound system from a popular and trustworthy brand and deliver a well-balanced and stress-free approach to setting up the system.

— The result is usually a balance of sounds and sizes that typically meets what you’re generally looking for in an average room size. Most people go along this route.

Custom Surround Sound Speakers

— If you’re a nerd, this is the route to go. We can hand select each individual speaker for each corner or space of your room. We can add subwoofers, we can even tweak the system to play specifically tuned sounds for gaming, movies, or sporting events. If you’re a heavy gamer and only game – we can tweak them accordingly, along with the other categories.

— hand selecting and adding extra speakers (along with a subwoofer) will only enhance the quality of sound associated with your system. The audio will be crystal clear, and every shank of a blade will be heard directly from each corner. You better be ready to jump during every intense battle scene.

Whole Business Audio — Offices, hallways, waiting rooms and more.

— From conference rooms to restaurants, to retail stores and dealerships, we can install audio across as many or as little rooms as possible in order for your employees and clients to hear you loud and clear.

— We come from an approach that revolves around a whole business in mind – we understand how important it can be to get your voice heard – we just amplify the volume and make sure everyone can hear you.